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Intel Core Processors

We do provide all kinds of processors including the lastest 9th Gen CPU. Fret not, whatever CPU you need, we'll have it.


The Motherboard is the core of any computer. It is a circuit board that connects to the various PC components and allows them to inter-operate.


RAM is the fast access data storage in which the computer stores files which are being used by the operating system, applications and games temporarily. More RAM allows for better multitasking abilities, while faster RAM increases the speed that the data can be accessed and written.

Graphic Card

The Graphics Card is the Heart of any gaming desktop. For gaming usage, it processes 3D content to deliver silk smooth frame rates. For professional users, a great GPU delivers GPU compute and also accelerates various professional applications.

Cooling Systems

Gaming PCs tend to heat up easily therefore we provide various cooling systems. From air cooled to water cooling solutions, pick the options that best suit your needs.


Choose from a variety of accessories such as gaming keyboard, mice, headsets etc.

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